Baird Beer Specialty Retailer

Delight your customers and grow your business

Do you wish to delight your customers by serving them world-class craft beer? Would you like to create more repeat customers and regulars? Do you aim to reduce beer costs, accelerate sales growth and increase margins?

Becoming a Baird Beer Specialty Retailer may be the right choice for you.

"I think a big strength in being a Baird Beer Specialty Retailer is that it sets you apart from other beer pubs. We can explain each beer in a deeper and more detailed manner, plus we are able to connect our customers with people like Baird brewers and even Bryan and Sayuri Baird." - Tiernanog

What is a Baird Beer Specialty Retailer?

A place where customers know that Baird Beers are always available. Starting from as little as two taps out of three, half or more of your taps are dedicated to serving fresh, flavorful, perfectly poured Baird Beers.
A pub that delights its customers with its Baird Beer offering. Choose from our selection of twelve year-round beers and 26 annually brewed seasonal beers. Curate an eclectic Baird Beer tap line-up based on our wide diversity of beer styles, ingredients, colors, aromas, alcohol levels, food pairing options, and seasonal themes.
A savvy business that leverages its association with Baird Beer to drive enhanced customer awareness, trial, word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.
"Baird Brewing was able to help make our dreams come true. The malt and hops create a beautiful harmony and the professional staff support us with quality assurance." - Hachobori Garden

Why become a Specialty Retailer?八丁堀ガーデン-342.jpeg
Here are some of the benefits enjoyed by our growing specialty retailer community:
In a competitive marketplace, differentiate your pub by offering your customers world-class, time-tested Baird Beers.
Lower beer cost. Baird Beer Specialty Retailers enjoy procurement of Baird Beer at the most advantageous retail pricing.
Initial supply of Baird Beer glassware, coasters and goods at no cost. Subsequent supply of these items at reduced cost.
Professional draught beer dispense support. Leverage our extensive experience, accumulated over more than twenty years serving draught beer at Baird Beer Taproom restaurants. Allow us to help you select high-quality draught equipment and coach you and your staff on best practices in draught line balance and cleaning. We’ll help you build a reputation for perfect pours, every time.
Enhanced visibility. Using our social media platforms and website we’ll share your story with our community of craft-beer loving customers.
"There are over 30 different beers available throughout the seasons. We have customers that eagerly await certain beer releases. After taking a drink they tell us "That's delicious. This is the flavor I wanted!" Comments like these make us marvel at the passion of Baird Beer fans." - Lonestar

How do I join the Baird Beer family?

Lonestar pub

We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested!

Getting started is easy, just contact our sales team by filling out the form here

One of our professional staff will contact you and setup a meeting to go over the benefits and process of becoming a Baird Beer Specialty Retailer.

Current Baird Beer Specialty Retailers