Beer TalesBeer Tales: I’m Drinkin’ It – Teikoku IPA

January 24, 2018by Gardens

Beer Tales: I'm Drinkin' It! Teikoku IPA

with Bryan Baird

Beer is to us the liquid lubricant of joyful human interactions and the elixir of a happy life. We love brewing it, drinking it, sharing it and celebrating it.

In this new corner, we will be introducing you to various Baird Beer team members and diving into a dialogue about the particular beer they are currently loving and why.

BBV: What beer are you really into right now and why?

Bryan: Teikoku IPA for sure. In the tradition of English-style IPAs, Teikoku enjoys a hearty malt background and an earthy, herbal hop character. It’s not at all like most modern craft beer IPAs. I particularly enjoy drinking it in the cooler months. Teikoku IPA and Kurofune Porter are the only original Baird Beers that still exist today in the year-round lineup. January 2018 will mark the 17th anniversary of the debut of Baird Beer. Teikoku IPA is a beer child that has matured into a true friend.

BBV: Please give us three words or phrases you think best describe Teikoku IPA.

Bryan: Balanced (malt-hop). Traditional (English beer heritage). Pioneering (2001-debut makes it perhaps Japan’s first year-round brewed IPA).

BBV: What’s a favorite food pairing of yours with Teikoku IPA?

Bryan: Grilled meat dishes of all kinds will pair superbly. After a day at our Shuzenji brewery, I like to snack on local venison (shika) jerky as I drink a pint of Teikoku IPA.

BBV: Who do you, or would you, like to hang out with when enjoying a pint of Teikoku IPA?

Bryan: I quite enjoy chatting with brewery staff at the end of the day while sipping a Teikoku IPA. My old customer-pal (and eventually investor-partner) Doug Benning, who suddenly and tragically passed away several years ago at the tender age of 50, absolutely loved Teikoku IPA. I would give anything to share one more pint with him.

Bryan Baird is BBC Founding & Representative Partner / Brewmaster at Baird Brewing.

Teikoku IPA