Falling in Love AgainFalling in Love Again: Kurofune Porter

November 2, 2017by Baird Beer

Falling in Love Again: Kurofune Porter

Starting in 2017, we are running a “Falling in Love Again” series where each month we will feature one beer from our year-round lineup to re-introduce each beer with some new background info that you might not know. Our Taprooms will also feature special promotions connected with the monthly beer.


This November we’re introducing one of the more popular beers among our core fans: Kurofune Porter!


Kurofune Porter


Kurofune Porter is one of the few beers that has been in the Baird Beer year-round lineup since we opened. The recipe has evolved slightly over time, but the overall flavor and image for the beer have remained constant. This constant image that we hold is one of an ultimately smooth and robust porter. The soft and conservative initial flavor gradually opens up with each sip, exposing a deep and complex flavor profile.


Porter, the classic way


Porter is a very historic and traditional style of ale that has its roots in London. Porter was originally a very rough style that was packed with nutrients and was often referred to as “liquid bread.” It was very popular among blue collar workers, especially those in the transport business, which is where it gets its name from. However, recent history has brought about industrial beer production and consumption, plus the rise of the lager style of beer, both of which have endangered the porter. The current revival of the porter style can be contributed to the craft beer renaissance beginning in the early 1980s. Porter is a great example of one of the beer styles that was dug up and brought back to life in a vigorous way. This is proof that truly good things will withstand the test of time.


A delicious porter float


Our Kurofune Porter is smooth and packs a punch, leaving a lingering flavor of bittersweet chocolate or coffee. It’s strength is in the balance it holds, leaving one thirsty for another pint. In the summer, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and make it into a refreshing float. When the temperatures drop, try adding a bit of brandy or whiskey to up the alcohol and warm you up from the inside. Or you could even go all out and use it in cooking to add depth to a rich sauce, stew, or other dish. The ways you can use it are limited only by your imagination. This versatility is one of the many charms of craft beer!


Lastly, the usual label talk. The evolution of modern humans and beer brewing is deeply intertwined. The label on Kurofune Porter accents this relationship with the contrast of Admiral Perry’s mid-19th century arrival to Japanese shores, and at the same time on the other side of the world, the spread of this English style of beer.


One of Perry’s black ships


Sayuri Baird