Falling in Love AgainFalling in Love Again: Shuzenji Heritage Helles

August 3, 2017by Baird Beer

Falling in Love Again: Shuzenji Heritage Helles

Starting in 2017, we are running a “Falling in Love Again” series where each month we will feature one beer from our year-round lineup to re-introduce each beer with some new background info that you might not know. Our Taprooms will also feature special promotions connected with the monthly beer.


This August we’re focusing on our clean golden lager: Shuzenji Heritage Helles.


Shuzenji Heritage Helles


Back in 2014 when we moved our base of operations from Numazu to the new brewery in Shuzeji, we added 2 beers to our year-round lineup; Wabisabi Japan Pale Ale and Shuzenji Heritage Helles. Truth be told, this helles was born from a simple thought. Shuzenji is well known for it’s onsen hot springs, and what goes better after after a hot dip in the onsen than a chilled beer! What a blissful moment this one is. We started to think, what if we had a refreshingly flavorful and soft beer and not just a freezing cold dry lager for these moments? When thinking about what kind of beer to make, we were careful to consider Shuzenji’s history and tasteful charm.


Shuzenji hot springs


Shuzenji is an area that has much involvement with Japan’s long and rich cultural heritage. Likewise, helles is a traditional and historic style of German beer that has a lot of involvement with the Bayern area of Germany’s deep cultural heritage. Shuzenji Heritage Helles is a beer that was made to both celebrate and show appreciation for this duality of cultural heritage. The characteristics of a helles golden lager are its extreme drinkability, clean and round flavor, plus balance. Perfect for that post-onsen drink!


Back in 1994 when the restrictions were lifted on Japanese brewing laws, helles was a popular style that was made often, but few places still make the style today. Breweries that have it as a core beer are few and far between. Beer has a long history. There are many beer styles with much history and tradition, but some of them get buried by the outflow of IPAs and pale ales in modern times. Amongst those are many wonderful styles that employ refined and characteristics and have been loved for a long time. We at Baird Beer would like to continue to resurrect and introduce these styles.


And some label talk to finish us off! Our brewery is located in the Odaira section of Izu city, an area surrounded by stunning views and plenty of natural wonder. The artwork on this beer is taken directly from the third-floor view from Taproom deck, beautiful nature and all. You can see the twist and turns of the Kano River and if you look closely you can even spot the railings in the art! Next time you’re at the brewery, try comparing this label with the real view.



The same view


Like Shuzenji Heritage Helles, every Baird Beer has a back story. Personal tales, historical tales, tales of beer styles, these beers are steeped in stories. We hope that you, those who enjoy these beers, do so in a way that compliments and becomes a part of your lifestyle and experiences.


Sayuri Baird