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The Story of a Craft Brewery Dream
Brewing School in California
Bryan and Sayuri Baird quit their jobs and head to the Pacific Northwest, ground zero for the U.S. craft beer renaissance, to study brewing.
Numazu Fishmarket Opens
No customers, just workers. Within six months of opening the Taproom doors, to great quiet and much local indifference, we knew we needed more money to survive.
Baird Brewing Company is incorporated with seed money from friends and family.
Co-Managing Partner John and Wife Yumi have traveled the Journey with us from the beginning.
The Smallest Licensed Brewery in Japan.
Baird Brewing Company is granted its brewing license and begins selling Baird Beer at its Fishmarket Taproom in January 2001. Bryan with the original 30-liter batch brewhouse.
"What do you mean the beer's warm? Let me tell you something…"
We didn't process our beer like most other breweries (big or small). Baird Beer is unfiltered and fermented twice, once in package. We serve Baird Beer not ice cold but at appropriately cool temperatures.
First Brewery Expansion
We began to expand our brewery in 2003 in order to sell more Baird Beer to the thirsty Tokyo market. This 250-Liter brewing system was installed on the first floor of the Fishmarket Taproom building.
Debut of Bottle-Conditioned Baird Beer
This marked the dawn of our brand artwork, developed by graphic design artist Ms. Eiko Nishida. Eiko-san continues to this day passionately crafting each piece of Baird Beer artwork.
New Brewery Opening
The inaugural brew at the new facility was conducted on January 1, 2006, coinciding with the 5-year anniversary of the debut of Baird Beer at the Fishmarket Taproom. It had been a tough five years, but we were making real progress.
New Brewery Brewhouse
We were fortunate to find a decommissioned 1,000-liter batch brewing system that had once belonged to the now defunct Suruga Beer Company.
Jay & Sally Baird visiting Son's Japan Brewery for the very first time.
Baird Beer to the USA
We began our export odyssey in 2008, shipping to the United States. Since then, we have gained import partners and niche access to beer markets in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, and the list continues to grow.
Nakameguro Taproom Opening May 2008
In 2008, with plenty of brewing capacity and accumulated skill running the Fishmarket Taproom, we decided it was high time to expand our pub business with a Tokyo location.
The Four Baird Sisters -- An Experiment in Pub Rearing
All are welcome at our Taprooms, including families with children (we raised four daughters within the walls of the Fishmarket Taproom). These are not dark dens of drinking iniquity. They are social, convivial places focused on human interaction and camaraderie.
Harajuku Taproom Opens
A natural and harmonious pairing of Japanese pub "izakaya" culture with craft beer.
Bashamichi Taproom in Yokohama Opens
The first authentic American-style BBQ in Japan opens in January 2011 with the big red oven from J&R Manufacturing in Mesquite, Texas.
Site of our new Brewery in Shuzenji
After a 3-year process of intensively scouting Numazu and its environs for a suitable location, we have at long last found our future.
Set Along the Banks of the Pristine Kano River
As is evident, beer brewing is an activity deeply dependent upon and intertwined with nature and man's harmonious cultivation of it.
Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji Ground-Breaking
Bryan at the traditional Japanese ground-breaking ceremony in August 2013.
New Brewery Under Construction
Hot liquor tank. First tank standing.
Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji
A back-to-nature farm-type brewery on a lovely three hectare parcel of property in the Shuzenji area of Izu city, right on the banks of the same Kano river that runs past our current Numazu facility, where it empties into the Suruga bay.