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Year-Round Baird Beer
Baird Beer brewers craft a diverse and balanced lineup of year-round styles. While each beer provides a distinct and unique flavor experience, all of our styles share a certain "House" character stemming from a common brewing philosophy.

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Spicy and playfully effervescent.

Alcohol Content (by volume):4.5%
Sprite, fruity and wholesomely quenching.

Alcohol Content (by volume):5.0%

A clean and roundly balanced golden Lager of eminent drinkability.

Alcohol Content (by volume):5.0%

Soft and round with a snappy finish.

Alcohol Content (by volume):5.5%
Brisk and refreshing citrus-hop character.

Alcohol Content (by volume):5.5%
Quiet simplicity & subdued refinement in this herbal and dry JPA.

Alcohol Content (by volume):6.0%
Richly fruity and malty, yet crisp and dry.

Alcohol Content (by volume):6.0%
Fleeting malty sweetness; barely controlled hoppy bitterness.

Alcohol Content (by volume):7.0%
Intricately intertwined hop and malt character.

Alcohol Content (by volume):6.5%
Fireworks-like festival of hops!

Alcohol Content (by volume):8.5%
Dark roasty dryness punctuated by a hint of smokiness.

Alcohol Content (by volume):5.0%
Silky smooth with bittersweet taste of chocolate and coffee.

Alcohol Content (by volume):6.0%
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