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Brewed with painstaking care,
passion and reverence for tradition.
Baird Beer is a celebratory experience in flavor. The flavors of malt and hops and yeast are highlighted and celebrated; they are not eviscerated by over-processing in the brewery. We craft Baird Beer in small batches with painstaking care, passion and both reverence and irreverence for tradition. We hope you enjoy imbibing Baird Beer as much as we enjoy crafting it.
The Basic formula for Baird Beer.
Balance + Complexity = Character
The basic formula for our entire lineup of hand-crafted Baird Beer is the same: Balance + Complexity = Character. We are dedicated to the crafting of beer that bursts with flavor and character. We will not brew vapid beer and we are not afraid of not appealing to everyone. We brew to our own exacting standards and it is our daily mission to not disappoint ourselves.
Unfiltered, Keg & Bottle Conditioning and Natural Carbonation
Baird Beer is Alive
All Baird Beer is unfiltered and undergoes a secondary fermentation and conditioning in the kegs or bottles from which it is served. This produces a completely natural carbonation that is soft yet effervescent. Moreover, the beer remains alive and evolving until drinking time.

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